Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Art of the Burpee

Okay- so maybe the headline is a little dramatic, but I am proud to say today.....


No modification. No push-ups from the knees. No step back instead of jump.  I can DO THEM the way they are INTENDED!!!! WHAT?! I knocked out five in a row in kickboxing last night and was so freaking proud of myself....

Speaking of kickboxing.... That class is NO joke! Every week I get my butt handed to me. I go in all strong and "I've got this!" .... And then I leave all "Oh, man. I have a lot of work to do before I can stop feeling like I'm going to die." (Haha!) Seriously though- I freaking love that class. Felt. So. Good. After!!!! That is just the BEST full body workout. Feels SO good to work to 110% every single class and to surprise myself with what I can do!

I came home from class last night, grabbed the husband, and we went for a walk together. The night before after my Beats cardio class we had gone running together (even though he had run four miles earlier in the evening.) It's so nice to get away from the house together and get whatever energy is left OUT. And, by the way, did you SEE what I wrote there? We went RUNNING. RUNNING!!!!! When I started all of this on Jan 4, I tried to run. I got about 40 feet before everything hurt and I felt like I might just die right there on the pavement----but I can run now!!!! It may not be for long periods or miles at a time, but I CAN run. AWESOME!

The boy & I after our run. My headband says "In My Dreams I Am A Kenyan".

Tonight I have vinyasa flow yoga. I will probably add another workout to that after as well. We only have two weeks left before final weigh-in for our six week session of Skinny Business, so I'm really super focused and am going to push hard to the very finish. I deserve the effort. I deserve the achievement. I've never been this focused in my life and it feels so damn good... I told my instructor "I decided." And I did. For me.

These aren't pretty---but what they lack in looks, they make up for in taste!

P.S. I made the most delicious healthy snack last night! I always roast chickpeas tossed in oil and spices, but I didn't have any in the pantry----so I wondered----could I do the same thing with black beans? As it turns out---YES YOU CAN! And they taste even better than chickpeas! All I did was rinse the beans from one can twice, patted them dry, and returned them to a dry bowl. Then I drizzled them with EVOO, hit them with a good amount of Fiesta seasoning from Tastefully Simple (although you could use taco seasoning) and then garlic powder. I put them in the oven on 410 degrees for 40 minutes- tossing gently every 10 minutes. They end up tasting like tiny corn nuts! They're insanely good! They crack open about 15 minutes into baking---so they get super crispy and delicious. MAKE THEM! You can thank me later. :)

P.S.S. I had a maternity session last weekend that still has my heart swooning! Isn't she GORGEOUS!?! As luck would have it---she had her TWIN babies THIS WEEK----just days after our session! Congratulations, girl! I am SO thrilled for you & yours!!!

What have YOU done to make yourself proud lately? Have any easy snacks you can recommend to me?


Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Parenting Teens

When I came around to the idea of picking back up where I left off in the blogging world, I promised myself that I would be authentic at all costs---and that I wouldn't limit myself to talking about waistlines and weigh-ins and sports bras. My life is so diverse in so many beautiful ways- and it kills me to have to focus on one small area of it.

That said...

Today, let's talk parenting. Specifically- let's talk about parenting teenagers.... *gasp*
(Everybody breathe! Nobody panic! This is NOT the Titanic and we're NOT out of lifeboats and liquor! We are going to make it through this together...)

Parenting teenagers is sort of like herding feral cats to church. There is a lot of scratching and howling and biting and clawing---and when you're done you need a doctor, a therapist, a tetanus shot, and the preacher is praying for your very existence. While parenting is absolutely rewarding and I wouldn't change it for a second, there is a reason why wine is sold in bulk and for discount prices...

All kidding aside- parenting teenagers is super hard. You want them to be happy, and balanced, and start to spread their wings and grow their independence---all while trying to shield them from the harsh realities of adulthood that will be thrust into their faces the very MOMENT they turn 18. In modern teenage parenting- the stakes are SO much higher. Their access to social media means comparison exists from the very second they enter the digital world. It's about who is wearing what and doing what - and terrifyingly- who is doing who. (Yes! You want reality? There it is! Talk to your teenagers!) There is judgment- and it's constant. There is expectation- and it's growing more fierce by the minute. (Why did my freshman last year need to declare a "focus" for college already last year exactly? That's hocus pocus. Period. He had no idea the options that even existed except for what we, unknowingly, planted in his head---and that is NOT the dream I want him chasing.) There is heartbreak- and it is manipulated not only in person, but now online and via cellphone too. It's nonstop, never-ending, and frankly- exhausting.

 (P.S. You are not in love at age 16. You're just not, so let me tell you that and clear that up right now. You certainly have the ABILITY to love---but you are not in love. Not yet. If you're in love with a person that young, then I'm in love with this potato on my counter. Sounds ridic, right? Exactly.)

(P.S.S. I learned "ridic" from my teen. You're welcome.)

I remember high school being hard thanks to my very unique life circumstances. Honestly- I made ALL the wrong choices and caved to peer pressure and learned WAY too early what sadness and judgment and heartbreak was. As an adult, I realize now that NONE of it mattered, but at the time it felt crippling. And I know that right now it is how my teenager is feeling---and I hate that for him. I hate that for all of them. But if I've done ANYTHING right, I know that it was having this conversation that I'm typing for you right now---with him. Nobody did that for me... I'm not sure I ever even liked who I was at his age- but I know he does. He loves who he is. And we love him SO much more than he even knows too...

I can sum up my current feelings on teenage parenting like this:

Every day...

I just want to tell my teenager that kids are mean because they're hormonal - and that is normal. It passes and all of them grow up--- sooner or later.

I just want to tell my teenager that young love rarely lasts and not to get caught up in it. Your value is not determined by your relationship status.

I just want to tell my teenager to enjoy the ride and to laugh longer and to be free while there is still time to do it.

I just want to tell my teenager to turn his chin up, smile, and let it go. Life is so cool if you let all that peer pressure and fear of judgment GO.

Y'all. Being a parent is hard---but being a teenager's parent is a tough, tough thing. But there is good news! We will all survive.... Yes- we'll get through it. All we can do is hope like hell we're doing this parenting thing right and providing the safe haven of love and calm and emotional safety for our kids---(while singlehandedly keeping Franzia, keeper of the boxed wine nectar of the Gods, in business.) I can only speak for my own son, but I know him to be so special, kind, beautiful-inside and out, and just amazing in general- and I never want that to be tainted by something- or somebody- that really doesn't matter when all is said and done. In the end, high school is a blip on life's radar. Time passes. People change. The one constant? Who we are. What we stand for. How open we keep our hearts to the thing that truly matter. And that is what I'll keep driving home.... I hope you do too. TALK TO YOUR TEENS.


Tuesday, February 16, 2016


1. Core class is NO joke. My abs are SCREAMING today thanks to last night's class. I wonder how many sit-ups I have to do to burn off a donut.....

In other news: I'm likely NEVER eating donuts again.

...speaking of food...

2. Going back through your Pinterest foodie boards and removing everything that isn't gluten free is depressing. I know I can modify the recipes----but I don't want to. Because I'm stubborn like that. Buh bye, bread from scratch. Buh bye, cupcakes. Buh bye, pasta who I love so much. I gave up gluten and my body pain STOPPED COMPLETELY just like Dr. Feel Good said it would. I used to be in pain every single day.... No joke- it's worth it.

3. I'm all jacked up on Spark (by Advocare) right now. I had never tried it before, but someone let me have a glass this afternoon because my giddy up took a hard crash south----but now I'm SUPER BOUNCY! No more caffeine for me today or I'm going to need bail money for the trouble my super smart, yappy, bouncy trap gets me into. Whheeeeeee......

4. I have Beats class tonight---which means I'll be bouncy AND have drumsticks in my hands.... Good Lord. Somebody call a pastor and say a prayer!

5. It's snowing again. I thought that drunken fur ball groundhog said that winter was done? He needs to be found, slapped, and sobered up.

6. Prime rib & mashed sweet potato for dinner tonight.... Because Valentine's was non-existent and I whined long enough to make it not non-existent. Happy belated V-Day to me! In other news: I scheduled myself a massage this Saturday. Let's just call it a gift to myself. And then God said----let there be relaxation!

Have a great Tuesday, y'all!


Monday, February 15, 2016

Monday Funnies!

In honor of Monday- and especially the Monday after Valentine's Day- I bring you "The Monday Funnies!" Enjoy!

P.S. If your V-Day -and even your V-Day weekend- sucked....remember that chocolate and fruity liquor is half priced today!  If I wasn't committed to my program, I'd buy a Lindor truffle as big as my head and wash it down with cheap red wine.... :) For SURE!

P.S.S. I was down another 1.6 pounds this week!
That makes 9.4 lbs in the three weeks since I began this program (and 26.8 lbs since Jan 4th.) Woot!


Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Pursuit of Being Cray-Cray Busy!

Holy cow, y'all! The last ten days have been a WHIRLWIND of activity---and I literally had no time to sit down and write a blog. But I'm here now---and that is what counts, right? Right!

In the spirit of catching you up on my life.................

Things That Have Happened In The Last Ten Days

1.  One of my photos made it onto the front page of our local newspaper! I was tickled pink. You can see it here: I've been getting out and about in our community the last year or so capturing little moments here and there and the Tri County News has allowed me to be a contributing photojournalist; that was my first selected submission. Exciting!

2. I shot my very first church wedding this last weekend---and it went BEAUTIFULLY! Weddings are NOT for the faint of heart, because you literally have one shot to get it right---but I work very well under pressure. Plus, the people I was working for: AMAZING. Love them!

3. Speaking of shooting a church wedding--- holy photographer calorie burn! Check THESE stats out! I literally could have slept ALL day Sunday---but I took my happy tail to the woods for a walk instead.

4. Last week I FINALLY went and had the most AMAZING massage thanks to my friend Val at Inspire Yoga & Massage in New Holstein, WI. She's an incredible masseuse and I was long overdue for a little R&R. To give you an idea of how wonderful it was: I fell asleep. I let my guard totally down and completely relaxed. In all of my years of massage, that has NEVER happened... Val is a rockstar. Period.

5. I had weigh-in yesterday- and this week I lost..... 4.6 lbs! The week before I lost 3.2 lbs. Since Jan 4th I'm down 19.2 lbs! I lost a car tire in just over a month! Crazy! Exciting! My eating has been so on par (still gluten free and super clean) and my classes are really great and keep me SUPER active. I have core class Monday, beats class Tuesday (which incorporates drum sticks and lots of cardio-esque moves), kickboxing class Wednesday, and vinyasa flow yoga Thursday. The weekends I use for whatever I want---but usually I get atleast one long walk in. It's been great!

I've noticed:
A. My back is flattening out and is getting really sleek. That makes me happy!
B. My face thinned out BIG time and my hair looks healthy again.
C. My clothes are all super comfy and nothing feels tight anymore of my current wardrobe.
D. I'm sleeping better and my back isn't burning on a regular basis.
E. I'm not burned out after a busy day.

Pretty awesome, right?!?!


Things That I've Learned In The Last Ten Days

-Pepitas are a thing. You have to go out and buy some and then sit down and eat the entire carton and then I'll know you're on my emotional level. OMG, THE DELICIOUSNESS!
-Planking will not kill you. It will crush your soul a little, but you'll bounce back---from that AND the floor when your arms give out and you smack your little face on the hardwood.
-Doritos are the damn devil. Don't you DARE bring those into my house! Don't. You. Dare. There's a special place in hell for people who purchase Doritos with the intention of giving them to me...
-Wine doesn't taste as good when you someone reminds you how many calories it has. Also- duct tape can be purchased in bulk so those people can't speak.
-Do you remember how much I love jumping jacks? Yeah- me neither, but I sure seem to be doing a shitload of them in my workout classes. And if I never see another burpee again...

You know- I used to think that I stayed busy---but it wasn't until I had my full time job in the insurance industry, plus my full time photography business (which brings about 10 kids per month into my studio plus families, weddings, seniors, etc.), plus my workout schedule that I realized what BUSY really is. Add in friends & family---and I need a nap! :) In all seriousness, I'm handling it all beautifully. This blog is always the first area that slacks---so forgive me.

I hope you all are having an AMAZING Tuesday! Thanks for stopping by! Kick ass this week!


Tuesday, January 26, 2016

What A Difference A Day Makes!

Last night---despite all of my hard work and focus in my health thus far since the new year and especially in my workouts last night---I was down for the count. My emotions were pretty raw. I had a momentary loss in my confidence and doubted who I was and what made me strong after a core class that I really struggled with----not because I wasn't strong and couldn't do it (because I could do 99% of it), but because I didn't know if I 'belonged' there. I questioned everything. I broke down. I had a good ugly cry after class in the privacy of my home and then crawled into a quiet, solitary, self reflective shell and just gave it some time.

And do you know what? It's OVER. Done. In the past. And honestly? I belong anywhere my heart damn well tells me I should be.... There is not a thing wrong with me- and I should be f*cking proud of doing something I'm scared of anyway. Doesn't matter if I don't look a certain way or can't do certain things. I'm capable, worthy, and fearless. The end. (Next time I have a moment, direct me right back to THIS blog entry.... Okay? Okay!)

On the home front- we were snowed in this morning and school had a two hour delay. What does that mean for me? A two hour delay also! I was able to go into work at 10---which meant extra sleep. Yay! Given my SUPER sore muscles, I was SO thankful for that little turn of fate! OMG, y'all! Hurt. To. Breathe. In a good way. I worked my everything. And I felt it ALL DAY today!

At lunch today, I took a little stroll around my hometown. This is what I found.

So- you know the title of this blog? What a difference a day makes? Well, holy hell----I MEAN it! I had my Beats class tonight----and I freaking LOVED it! I didn't doubt my ability for a second and I got down to work and went at it. I got my ass handed to me on a silver platter mind you, but it was FUN, sweaty, electric, and I adored every single second of the butt kicking! The instructor was phenomenal and I am SO glad I feel this way tonight. I needed it. Big time. 

(Know what else I needed? My friend Jenni and Leah and their pep talks in the last 24 hours which totally redirected my mindset back to where it was. THANK YOU, ladies! xo) 

Tomorrow night I have my last new class at this studio. It's a kickboxing class and I'm pretty excited about it. Thursday night is my regular vinyasa flow yoga class too, so that'll be a great unwind after this week for SURE. 

Oh! Before I leave off! I made a batch of these tonight. So delicious.... If you're a chip lover like I am  (although I don't touch them anymore), you'll dig these! Chickpeas tossed in EVOO and spices and baked. Nom, nom, nom!!!! Crunchy. Spiced. Nutty. LOVE! Here is the recipe.  (Listen to my advice though and salt them right before you put them in the oven with finely ground sea salt. You're welcome. They need it.) 

Here's to tomorrow, improvement, and the confidence to rise above....


Monday, January 25, 2016

Switching Gears

So when we left off, I had taken three back to back vinyasa flow yoga classes last week. By Thursday, my last night in the three part segment, I felt SO strong. I felt back in the groove. I felt proud. Yoga has this way of pulling the best parts of me (and everyone) out----and I dig that. I respect anything with the ability to make me feel that way! (Especially when it also makes me sweat like crazy....)

This weekend my new gym gave us a workout challenge for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday- so over the weekend I ticked four miles off and did all of our other fitness challenge moves (burpees, squats, etc.) Three of those miles were in the marsh- so it was all high knees and hiking through the snow. It. Was. Glorious! Nature is inspiring---and I didn't even bring my Canon camera so I could really take the time and enjoy it. Winter is Wisconsin is magical, y'all!

I have no photos from Friday night's walk. Sorry. But here is one from my cellphone on Saturday!

Frozen over. 

Oh- and as a bonus- I climbed a tree on Saturday. For real. My husband laughed and I giggled and all was well with the world. I looked like a loon- and two passing cars confirmed that. ;) You're welcome, passing car passengers. You're welcome!

I can't write this blog without mentioning my Saturday morning... I had two child photo sessions Saturday that kept me happily busy. Both boys were ADORABLE, but this guy... Oh man. Be still, my heart! (Those are my husband's glasses! He was just dressed so perfectly for them!) My other little man was equally ADORABLE. I'm a lucky girl... 

Saturday night was a family party. My niece turned THREE! Aaaaahh! She was adorable in her princess dress and everyone had a blast. Oh, to be young again... I was super thankful that my amazing sister-in-law had a good, healthy spread of food at her house for it. I felt like a kid in a candy....err, vegetable store. :) It was great to have options. I just love her thoughtfulness.

Sunday was a weird day. That is all I can really say.  I was happy to crawl in bed, call it a day, and chalk it up. I have kept most of this self discovery process quiet, but I've been very open about my gluten allergy and what it does to my body. Just seems that some people think it doesn't matter or that I'm somehow dreaming it up in my head. (I don't get a choice with an allergy, folks. Not now. Not ever.) I felt SUPER crappy Sunday night; that happens when you have gluten for the first time in three weeks... (I had no choice- trust me. My back ACHED. I felt tired. My muscles burned. My hands turned blue. I felt miserable. I think people are not understanding how bad this allergy is for me.)

That brings us to TODAY! Weigh-in and measurements for my new gym and the start of my new workout classes was today. I knew what I weighed going in, so there was no surprise there.  It felt like sort of a fresh beginning being weighed in and setting goals going forward the next six weeks. Odd, but true. My meals were fine: Greek yogurt for breakfast with coffee, a big salad with avocado for lunch, a banana for afternoon snack, pulled pork in corn tortillas with peppers for dinner, and some roasted peanuts for snack after class. No surprises. All planned out. Easy to stay on track. (I shopped at 9:30 last night, but it got done. BOOM!)

Speaking of my class.... I'm not ready to talk about my class from tonight yet. I will get there, but right now? Nope. It was a good class- don't get me wrong. But, I struggled mentally. Not physically-----mentally. Self image and confidence is a double edged sword, you know? I will admit to taking a few minutes to let myself come completely unglued when I got home. But I pulled my shit together and calmed down. Tomorrow is new day. Moving forward....

After class tonight and after I shook it off? A 30 minute walk in the falling snow... It. Was. Beautiful. It was cleansing. I was already a sweaty mess, so a little snow could only help right?

Tomorrow night I have another class called Beats. I'm excited for the ass kicking and the sweat. I'm focused on moving forward- despite the pain and the doubt and the anxiety. Forward. Always.

All that said, I'm exhausted. Night, night....


P.S. Special thanks to my friend Jennifer tonight. She knows why. Love you. 

Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Danger In Pleasing Other People

Tonight was a SUPER special night---not just because I picked up another extra vinyasa flow yoga class, but because two of my new friends joined me! The. Class. Was. Amazing.  It was the first class EVER for my friends----and they ROCKED it. Yoga is all about connecting with your breathing and then letting your body do the work and the talking for you; you really have to be able to give up control of your mind and let your body function all on it's own. They did SO great and I was like a proud mother hen on the mat. It's a special thing to "let go." I'm so glad I can share that with people I care about! The benefits of yoga are endless, y'all. You NEED to try it if you haven't. You'll be thankful you did.

After yoga last night, I decided to go for a thirty minute walk in my fuzzy snow boots along the river. It was about 20 degrees and there was a brisk breeze, but it was pretty comfortable. The city lights look so pretty after dark- and I live on top of this big kettle that the football field lies down in. The river is beyond that. (The view from my guest room is KILLER!) It's just a pretty area. And it was SO relaxing being out there. I focused on breathing and getting the last of my energy out. That said----I slept like a BABY last night. Bliss.

I wanted to take a quick minute and touch on something I've been thinking a lot about recently. Namely--- doing something good for yourself, but for the sole intention of pleasing somebody other than yourself... I am- admittedly- queen of the people pleasers. I get used as a doormat more often than I'm willing to admit --and I'm aware of that, but I genuinely like to make people happy and am often willing to suffer the consequences of the flip side of that coin because of it. That said---all that stops when it comes to MY health. My health, my body, my size, my shape, my weight----that is nobody's damn business. Not now. Not ever. And I am at a point in my life where I'm just done doing things for ME with the intention to impress or please another human. The last time I checked---I was pretty freaking fantastic just the way I am. AND SO ARE YOU.

One of my close friends (who knows I'm writing about this) and I had a conversation about weight loss recently and she made mention that her husband wanted her to lose ten pounds, so she was taking legit, drastic, immediate steps to make that happen. So, I asked her----'Is that what YOU want?' Her answer? 'No. I mean, I'm fine. But I want him to be attracted to me, you know? I gained some weight and now he looks at everyone except me.' I was pissed. Super pissed. (*insert rage here*) She and I had a very long conversation about self worth, self acceptance, and self love.  (I had a conversation in my head about telling him right where to go, because she's not valued by a fucking number or the way her body curves---but that's another conversation.) Nobody has the right to make her- and anybody else for that matter- feel like that. EVER. That said, when is the last time you truly committed to something- fully and wholly-  knowing that you aren't the one reaping most of the benefit of your hard work and dedication? How about never.... That's the answer. Because it NEVER sticks when you're solely serving other people while allowing your own value to be left at the wayside. You have to value yourself FIRST. (Because we are human and Mother Theresa is no match for us, that's why.) Change has to come from within- and it has to serve your own house first.

When it comes to changing your body and your mind, you are the only one it will happen for. You are the only one it will stick for. I wholeheartedly believe that. You can have an inspiration----like your children or your health or a goal you want to achieve and that is fantastic----but it cannot be solely FOR somebody other than yourself or it'll never stick. You have to say "I AM WORTH THIS! THIS IS FOR ME!" When I trained for my century in 2012 and lost the 75 lbs I did, I did it for my son. It wasn't for me.... Now I love that kid to absolute death, but my hard work didn't stick because I hadn't valued it in my own mind. I needed to have told myself that all of that effort was for ME, because I was WORTH it. Hindsight is always 20/20, right?

If you're in this boat, know my heart goes out to you. I hope you dig deep, look yourself long and hard in that mirror, and you say "I am worth dedication. I am worth hard work. I am worth blood and sweat and tears. I am worth pushing the boundaries of my comfort to earn myself a better, long, happier existence." Because you are. I want you to live a long, healthy, happy life, because you built it on a hill made of sweat and dedication and love for yourself. Mostly that last one...


Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Planks. Planks. More Planks.

You know what the great thing is about planks?
Yeah... me neither. But I'll let you know if I figure it out. :)

Sweaty cell phone selfie after yoga
About Fitness...

I picked up an extra vinyasa flow yoga class tonight. It was fantastic! I was a sweaty mess, found myself smiling during transitions, and I felt fluid and relaxed when class came to a close. Those planks though... MAN, those planks. I've never had sweat rolling off of my forehead in lines before---but we would go from plank position and push back into downward dog. And then back to plank.  Back and forth, back and forth, over and over. I. Was. Dying. In a good way. My arms shook and my hair was soaked--- but I liked the torture. Sweat is good for the pores anyway.

I know I haven't mentioned it before, but I always do an inversion off of the wall after class. I've even been inviting my instructor to do it with me---and she is knocking it OUT of the park! (Know what is scary? Teaching an instructor how to do something. I felt intimidated at first, but I'm SO glad I shared what I knew! It's become our 'thing' now----and that makes me smile.) I tell people that wall inversions open up that place in your soul where fear resides----and it balances it out. It's wild. I love it.

Tomorrow I'm picking up another vinyasa flow yoga class. I also have my normal class Thursday night this week too. My shoulders are going to be screaming, but growth is good! I'm PUMPED, because friends are joining me at my class tomorrow. So EXCITED!

About Self Confidence...

I didn't mention here that I made a deal with the devil recently. My other half HATES photos (and is married to a photographer. Figure that out.) The deal was that he would let me have at the photos this last weekend of him-----IF I agreed to let him take a full body photo of me and I agreed to post it online. If you know me, you know that's NOT me. Call it insecurity. Call it embarrassment. Call it whatever you want to call it. I just don't do it- sticking to selfies instead. It's just how I've been for a LONG time. But I did. I agreed.

The beautiful place above is called Neshotah Beach and is on the west shore of Lake Michigan. It's stunningly beautiful all year round---and is one of my favorite places in the entire world.

About My Day In General...

Breakfast was coffee & a banana. Lunch was a salad,  a very small piece of pizza, chicken leg, and less than a half scoop of mashed potatoes. (I had lunch at a buffet style restaurant with my husband and son today. Kiddo didn't have school and husband left work early because of a doctor appointment.) Snack was an orange. Dinner was corn tortillas with seasoned beef, low fat cheese, and lettuce. I may or may not have had two banana popsicles tonight. Don't judge me. ;)

On the home front news, Kiddo asked me to sign a permission slip tonight. He's 16 and in high school. Know what the permission slip was for? For him to volunteer with a group of his peers who meet with other children with disabilities and do activities, etc. Be still, my heart .... I always knew he was a great kid---but things like that fill my soul with ALL of the goodness.

Here's your photo of the day:


P.S. This girl did burpees today. BURPEES. 15 of those no good- awful- horrible- pain in the ass things. And I didn't die. Alls well that ends well. :)

Monday, January 18, 2016

7 Weeks


I keep reminding myself that it's seldom easy to achieve. Sometimes I feel like everyone around me has it so together---and here I am, beating myself up chasing- in vain- after it. Between my full time profession, my photography business, my family, my friends, and now my much expanded fitness schedule----I'm strapped BIG TIME for balance, for time. But it is what it is. I'm focused on obtaining that balance. I will take challenges as they come, one at a time. I will make me the priority again. Honestly, that has been missing... And that's not okay.

My gym schedule going forward the next 7 weeks (since I joined a new gym):
Mondays- Group Class
Tuesdays- Kickboxing Group Class
Wednesdays- Group Class
Thursdays- Vinyasa Flow Yoga (at my normal studio)
Fridays- Group Class

Do you need a nap reading it? Because I need a nap thinking about it. :) In all seriousness- it will be awesome. I will get my butt kicked----and I will like it. Weigh-in is next Monday....

7 weeks.
I can do anything for 7 weeks.


P.S. Here are a few of my favorite photos from the last few days! :)

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